Money Saving Tips

People are often asking for good couponing / money-saving websites.  Everytime I see it posted on facebook, I start copying and pasting from my bookmarked pages.  I'm saving myself some time by putting everything in one spot... now I just need to post ONE link!

SAVE A LITTLE (or a lot)

Below are all sites I've seen recommended.  My favorites (the ones I subscribe to or use regularly) are in red.


  • Find out which of your favorite restaurants offers discounts / kids-eat-free (KEF)!
    • Applebees (KEF Monday-Thursday nights)
    • Chevy's (KEF Tuesday nights)
    • Fresh Choice (under 9yo eat free Wednesday nights)
    • Johnny Rockets (Tuesday, Wednesday nights KEF until 8pm)
    • Milagros in RWC (KEF Sunday nights)
    • sell unwanted gift cards
    • buy discounted gift cards to the places you shop at regularly.
  • Enter giveaways to get free stuff!
  • Before shopping, check websites of the brands you plan to buy.  Many companies offer printable coupons:
  • Load digital coupon onto your Safeway Club card before shopping!  Click here.
  • Utilize your Freezer!
    • Make meals to keep in your freezer so on those days where you just don't feel like cooking, you can save the money you'd spend on take-out!  Click here to see good freezer recipes that I have listed in my cooking blog.
  • Couponing... where to start?  Check out these tips at Mada's Place!


Looking for ways to make a little cash?  Below are some ways I've earned (and received) a little bit of spending money.  Please note: this has not provided anything I would consider money to "live on" - I do like to take the cash I've earned and throw it in a jar for the holidays.  Doing this really helps the bank account come Christmas time!  Maybe some day we'll throw it into a vacation fund or something...

  • Are you a blogger?  Monetize your site!
  • Earn money doing what you do: searching the internet!
    • Register with Swagbucks and earn points for your searches.  Exchange your points for prizes, including Amazon gift cards!
  • Give Your Opinion!  These are sites I routinely receive surveys from and actually do earn money:
    • sell unwanted gift cards
    • buy discounted gift cards to the places you shop at regularly